Villa Nõva

Welcome to Villa Nõva!

We are located in the bosom of the beautiful nature of Läänemaa, there is only one road leading to us and you can’t go any further, once you have reached to the end.

There are party halls, saunas, hot tubs, sleeping places, and everything you need for barbecuing in nature. Just choose the house that suits your needs.

The villa is very private, when renting the whole complex you can celebrate special celebrations only with the company you choose. Catering helps with the menu and you can dance until the morning if you wish.

The edge of Nõva is a wonderful place for nature lovers, there are beautiful forests, sandy beaches, lakes and various RMK hiking trails.

Villa Nõva recreation centre

Villa Nõva main house

Guest house with the hot tub

Large sauna house

Guest room with a porch