Villa Nõva

Villla Nõva house rules

Information and Contact: Phone: +372 5657 1710 and Email:

GENERAL For inquiries and contact, call +372 5657 1710 or email We will respond to emails as soon as possible. Visits to Villa Nõva can be arranged in advance by phone: +372 5657 1710. Unguarded parking is free for guests, and our maintained parking lot with grass cover can accommodate approximately 40+ cars. There is also the possibility to park coach buses. If necessary, more cars can be parked with advance notice. Pets are not allowed without prior agreement. Setting up a tent or parking a mobile home/trailer on Villa Nõva’s territory is prohibited without prior agreement. The rental period of the complex starts at 3:00 PM on the first day and ends at 12:00 PM on the last day of the rental period. Times can be changed if possible by prior agreement.

BOOKING AND PAYMENT Price inquiries can be submitted by phone or email. Booking confirmation will be sent via email or as an e-booking. The reservation fee is at least 35% of the price offer. The reservation is only valid if the reservation fee is paid by the deadline. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

CANCELLATION OF BOOKING Reservation cancellations must be submitted via email: The reservation is considered canceled from the moment the cancellation notice is delivered to the lessor. In case of cancellation, the reservation fee is non-refundable but can be used as a deposit for a new reservation within 2 years.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY The customer is obliged to ensure compliance with fire safety rules throughout the rental period. The customer is obliged to fully compensate for any damage caused by fault or negligence of themselves and their guests (for whom they are responsible). The customer is also fully responsible for all items and inventory lost from the complex during the rental period. Damages such as broken or severely damaged property, vomiting, and lost items shall be compensated according to the value of the property.

Please note that it is the customer’s duty to carry out basic cleaning and washing of used dishes before returning the house. Additional cleaning costs incurred after vomiting/urinating are reimbursed by the client according to the invoice (bed linen, bed/sofa, blankets, pillows, etc. dry cleaning).

The use of any kind of pyrotechnics during the flammable period is prohibited. This topic must be agreed upon with the owner and requires coordination with the local fire department. For using non-coordinated pyrotechnics, there is a fine of 500€. Smoking is prohibited in all the houses of Villa Nõva. Taking inventory out of the building is not allowed.