Villa Nõva

Weddings in Villa Nõva

Arrange a memorable and private wedding party in Villa Nõva

The most beautiful event in peoples life is a wedding, come and share the power of your love with your loved ones privately in the scenic nature of Läänemaa.

You can sing and dance with us until the morning.

We reserve a long weekend for your wedding so that you have time to arrange the wedding of your dreams.

There is also a lovely wooden church on the hill near the villa.

The ceremony can also be held in our yard or if desired, on the beach with the sea for the background, there are various beautiful sandy beach around Nõva, the nearest is about 3 km away, there are usually not many people in the nearby beaches but during the season its a little bit more crowded.

The hall of our main building can accommodate a maximum of 100 people, for an even larger group, you can order a large party tent in our yard.

Smaller bands fit nicely in the house, but big bands need a big stage that can fit in a big party tent.

Up to 75 people can stay overnight in our different houses.