Villa Nõva

Villa Nõva recreation centre

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Price for up to 50 person
Price S-T 2500 / Night
Price F-S 3500 / Night

For an additional fee (15€/person) you can add additional guests.

Built in 1862, the Söödi farm was renovated and rebuilt into a magnificent mansion, the old barn remains from the old farm and some of the old log walls have been left visible in the interior.

At your disposal you willl have the entire holiday complex, which consists of – the main house, the guest house, the sauna house and the mill house. The main house and the Sauna house can also be rented separately and at the same time so another event cannot be added to the other houses. So you can enjoy your event without any disturbances.

When organizing a big event, order catering from Roosta Catering, all meals will be served according to your choice, you can see the sample menu here. If you wish, you can bring your own drinks or order them from the catering. The catering bill is paid separately.

Book the big event well in advance. Make a reservation through our website, 35% of the cost of the entire rental period must be paid to confirm the reservation. The remaining amount must be paid 2 weeks before the rental period.

Feel free to ask for more – or call +372 5657 1710

We wish you a wonderful holiday!

Suitable for events

Accommodation up to 75 person

Complete privacy

There are no neighbors nearby, privacy guaranteed!

Large yard area

Large open garden bordering a pond.

Near the sea

It is a pleasant walk to the sea about 3 km.

There is a lot of action

There are hiking trails, lakes, the sea, beautiful forests...

Self check-in

Check in using the key locker

house includes
Internet - Wifi
Tv - Etv ja Etv2
Air heat pump - electric heating
Stoves/fireplaces, fireplaces
Seminar equipment
Charcoal grill
Bed sheets
CD player/radio
Internetiühendus - Wifi
Tv - Etv ja Etv2
Õhksoojuspump - elektriküte
Ahjud/kaminad, kaminapuud
price includes

The guest house is a two-story building. On the first floor, there is a living room with a fireplace, a kitchenette, an electric sauna, one toilet, and one separate bedroom with one extra-large double bed and one single bed. On the second floor, there are sleeping areas with a total of four beds that measure 120 cm each. Additionally, the living room has a folding sofa bed that can accommodate two people.


On the first floor of the sauna house, there is a spacious room with a large fireplace, a kitchenette, and a long table. Additionally, there is a sauna with a large antechamber, a generous washing area, and a spa whirlpool available for an additional fee. The house also features an outdoor hot tub, which is also available for an extra charge. Finally, there are two toilets located on the first floor.


The property spans 800m2 and features expansive halls. The main house consists of two floors. On the first floor, there is a spacious fireplace hall, a large hall capable of accommodating up to 100 guests, a dining room, and a sizable kitchen-dining room. The second floor of the house features an inner balcony and eight bedrooms.


The mill can sleep (4 people) in 35 square meters

Additional services

A large hot tub

Price with heating material 80 € / day

SPA hot tub

Price 140 € / day

Payment and cancellation conditions

35% of the total amount must be paid to make the reservation. The remaining 65% must be paid by bank transfer 2 weeks before the day of the event.

It is possible to change the order five days before using the order. In case of cancellation of the order or no-show, the pre-paid amount will not be returned. For questions related to changing the order, please contact: or +372 5657 1710.

Make a reservation
Price for up to 50 person
Price S-T 2500 / Night
Price F-S 3500 / Night

For an additional fee (15€/person) you can add additional guests.


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If you book more than 2 days, you get a 30% discount from the 2nd day.

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